Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gorillaz – The Fall (Free Album)

*The Gorillaz have recently decided a new project for the Holidays, for free. The album was entirely created with the new iPad. Not only is the album DOPE, but like I said it's FREE, so is it worth the download??, MOST DEFINITELY.. And According to the tracklist (which is finally more than 13 tracks haha) the Gorillaz show some love for AZ, or Phoenix at least.. NICE.

*Hit the Jump for the Tracklist, Download Link & MORE.!!

*PROPS to Gorillaz.

*Gorillaz - Hillbilly Man

Take It Back: Bad Company

*Great song but I perfer the cover by Five Finger Death Punch who in my opinion totally flipped the song and made it their own. DOPE NONETHELESS.
*Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company [Off their album War is the Answer]

KiD CuDi – All Along (Unofficial Video)

Directed by Rel Smith & Jimmy Smith
*REALLY enjoyable video for a DOPE track off one of my Fav. releases of the year, Cudders Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, which is avaliable now. JUST WATCH..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

G.O.O.D. Album Review

*Wow, I can not believe how disappointed I am with myself not being able to post as must as I should be, but I'll skip the excuses and start off with this review of Yeezy's new album.
*I meant to post this the week it came out along with another album review, and I wasn't going to at all after I listened to the album. I was disappointed with the album overall, I really expected a REAL HIP-HOP masterpiece after all the hype for the pass couple of months with the G.O.O.D. Fridays (which I think were better than most songs on the album) and rumors with working with GREAT producers such as RZA, Q-Tip, Madlib, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier. I mean on paper there is no way this album can fail, but sure enough, most of those tracks were scrapped from the album and we were left with a 13 tracks of dissapointment.

Now, I thought to myself that perhaps I was to quick to judge the album without actually sitting down and listening to it in full detail. So I played the album about 20 more times in my ZUNE and really tried to listen to the album in different angles and hear what he is trying to say. After all the madness, some of my opinions about the album had changed opposed to the ones I shared on my buddy Frank's blog. And I think I understand more or less of what the album is really about. So, without further ado lets get on with the review.

*Hit the jump for the Review, Tracklist and MORE.!!

*Kanye West - Dark Fantasy [Prod. The RZA, Kanye West, No I.D., Jeff Bhasker & Mike Dean]

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

*I purchased the game on tuesday, and wasted most of my 4-day weekend playing it. When I first started the game, I noticed a familiar voice as the announcer and quickly realized that it was one of my TOP/Fav. MC's ever.

 I was surprised at first but I knew that a rapper was going to make an appearance, as 50 Cent did on Modern Warfare 2. Ice Cube also contributes to the campaign mode of Black Ops as Joseph Bowman.

OHH and Nazi zomies is the SHIT.!!

*PLAY me (no joto) ll_banzai_ll.

Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito

*Last night was the complete domination of Manny Pacquiao over the Antonio Margarito. Although Margarito was the bigger man, Pacquiao's big heart and determination was what brought the Tijuana Tornado down to his level how destroyed him the enitre night.

I respect Manny Pacquiao for letting Margarito finish the fight, knowing the knock was unecessary, and also Margarito for show tremendous heart and wanting to continue to fight, even when the odds where against him (the entire fight haha).

Ironlak Team Australia | NEW YORK CITY 2010 - Part Two. (Feat. Bio & Koso).

*Part Two of the video below, this time featuring Bio of the Tats Cru and Koso (Italy) for a wall in the South Bronx.*PROPS to Ironlak.

Ironlak Team Australia | NEW YORK CITY 2010 - Part One. (Feat. Jaes, Augor & Enue).

*As part of their 5th anniversary, the original Australian Ironlak Team; Reals, Linz, Sofles, Sirum and Tues decide to travel to New York City. This is part one of their adventures,taking place in The Bronx on a wall with Ironlak Team USA members; Jaes, Augor and Enue.

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Just a Reminder

*In case if you are not aware, a couple of DOPE album drop with the next week on November 22. You can tell what albums I'll be copping up top. I'll write a review on both the albums the week they drop, but you can pre-order both the albums here and here. OHH an don't forget to cop KiD CuDi's new album which is avaliable now.

*Hit the jump for both the official tracklists of each album.

*Kanye West - Chain Heavy (Feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence) [Prod. Q-Tip]
*Left Over off Mr. West's album, WOW.!!

Fortunate Ones – Space Jam (Video)

*Directed by VisualHighLife.
*DOPE video by the Fortunate Ones. Off their When You Least Expect It EP, which is available now on iTunes. Which reminds me, I need to get a fresh pair of Space Jams my self haha..

What Did I Miss.?

*WOW, November has really been a busy month for me. My homework building up as well as my wrestling season finally  beginning are some of the major set backs of my posting. But I think I can continue with my blog. Again, I will do my best updating my blog weekly, and for those who actually DO READ MY BLOG, sorry for the inconvenience..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series 2010 - Game 1: Giants 11 vs Rangers 7

*WOW, all I can say is both teams came ready to play. Tonight, the San Francisco Giants hosted the first game of the World Series against the Texas Rangers, and although the Giants got off to a slow start, they still managed to come out on top with a score of 11 points.

The Rangers got off to an early lead scoring twice in the first two innings, but the Giants came back with two scores of their own in the third inning. Both teams remained scoreless in the fourth inning, but suddenly in the fifth inning with the help of ^Juan Uribe's three-run homerun^, the Giants bumped up their score to a commanding 8-2 lead by the end of the fifth inning.

The Rangers answered back with two scores of their own but then remained scorless in the seventh and eighth innings while San Francisco on the other hand scored yet another three runs in the eighth inning. Texas made a final attempt to score in the ninth scoring three runs of their own, but was not enough to continue and thus the Giants won with a final score of 11-7.

GIANTS lead the series 1 - 0.

Game 2 of the Series is tomorrow, and takes place again at AT&T Park (Giants HOME) at 7:57 PM EDT.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Video)

*New video from the always DOPE Daft Punk, whom are providing the music for the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack. But seriously where the hell is the MOVIE.!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Series 2010..

*Although this is probably not the most popular World Series ever, those who've actually payed any attention to these two teams would now that they are both TOUGH, and we are gearing up for a good one. Both the Giants and the Rangers arguably both have the best pitching staffs in both the National and American Leagues and also have formidable bullpens as well.

These teams in my opinion have more than proved themselves to get to this point. The Giants have not won a World Series since 1954, and the Rangers have never been in a World Series. Both were considered the underdogs coming into the playoffs but refused to let this determine their performance; the Giants knocked off both MY TEAM and the Phillies to become the NL champs, and the Rangers also had impressive wins over the Rays and last years World Series champs for their AL championship. This years series in no doubt Underdog vs Underdog and both have a lot on the line [Except for Bengie Molina haha].

 First game of the Series is tomorrow and will take place at AT&T Park (Giants home). First pitch begins at 7:57 PM EDT.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snapback Boy Take That F***ing Fitted Off..

*So I've gotten most of the things from my list already such as a new belt, more shirts, and now one of the snapbacks that I ordered finally came in yesterday. Still haven't gotten the J's but I think I'll save that for christmas, maybe some CP3's to go with the hat.??

I Think I'm In Love: Rebecca Butcher

Pole Ninja's Gone Wild haha..
*Another segment added to my blog inspired by the many women in the world who do great things(:

Runaway (Short Film) by Kanye West

*Speaking of Mr. West, here is his DOPE short film that premiered last night on MTV and BET. Featuring music from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (which you can pre-order now). It is narrated by the Young Money representative Nicki Minaj.

Unfortunately the video/music is clean but the explict version can be viewed at Kanye's site.

*PROPS to Yeezy.

G.O.O.D. Update

*At the Los Angeles premiere of his short film RunawayKanye West revealed that he is now preping 5 album covers for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which will all be included with the album itself on November 22. Up top is apparently the first cover.

*Also hit the jump for the tracklists of both Kanye's and KiD CuDi's albums; and also a interview Mr. West had with MTV on why he changed his album title.

Artist(s) of the Week: Bruno Mars

*One of my favorite artists/songwriters of the moment year. You might/might not have caught some of his work over the summer with high charting songs with B.o.B and Travie McCoy. And also recently has landed Number 1 on the Billboard charts himself with his hit song Just The Way You Are. Since I first heard about him with Nothin' On You with B.o.B, he has been getting constant burn on my ZUNE and his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans (which is avaliable now) is INCREDIBLE and should definitely should be checked out.

As a songwriter / producer Bruno Mars and his crew The Smeezingtons are responsible for some familiar/DOPE hits that you've may have heard such as -  Wavin' Flag by K'Naan, One Day by Matisyahu, FUCK YOU by Cee-Lo Green, Bow Chicka Wow Wow by Mike Posner, Right Round by Flo-Rida, and countless others.
This dude is seriously DOPE and makes incredible music and should most definitely be worth listening to if you are not already.

*Hit the jump for some more cuts off his new album including the tracklist & MORE.!!

*Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

*Bruno Mars - Liquor Store Blues (Feat. Damian Marley)


*Another DOPE video brought to you by ironlakfilms, this time featuring BATES & SABE in Denmark..

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

UFC 121: Cain Velazquez Vs. Brock Lesner

After constantly having to prove himself, it is great to see Cain Velasquez finally getting what he desereves. HARD WORK PAYS OFF..

*Tonight was not only a BIG win for Cain Velasquez, but for an enitre race, Velasquez coming in as the underdog became the first Mexican (-American) Heavyweight champion of the UFC.

Imposing his will right from the beginning of the fight, Cain Velasquez had incredible accuracy. Landing nearly every one of his strikes on Brock Lesner.

 Lesner struggled to fight back, seeking takedowns hoping to turn around the fight in his favor, but surely it was not enough. Velasquez was relentless with his attack and ultimately broke down Lesner and used great ground-and-pound, making his face into a bloody scene.

After continuously beating down Lesner, referee Herb Dean had no choice but to stop the fight at around a minute left in the first round and Brown Pride coming off with an impressive win over Brock Lesner and becoming the new Heavyweight champ of the UFC.
In other news, Matt Hamill defeated his former Ultimate Fighter coach Tito Ortiz via split decision. And speaking of Ultimate Fighter, Ultimate Fighter: Season 11 winner Court McGee obtained a win over Ryan Jensen through submission by an arm-triangle choke. And also Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights contender Brendan Schaub defeated Gabriel Gonzonga by unanimous decision.

Also edging out with a big win was Diego Sanchez (finally) with a unanimous decision over Paulo Thiago.


Heavyweight Championship bout: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Cain Velasquez WIN - TKO (Punches) at 4:12 of Round 1

Welterweight bout: Jake Shields WIN vs Martin Kampmann Shields - Split decision

Welterweight bout: Diego Sanchez WIN vs Paulo Thiago Sanchez - Unanimous decision

Light Heavyweight bout: Tito Ortiz vs Matt Hamill WIN - Unanimous decision

Heavyweight bout: Brendan Schaub WIN vs Gabriel Gonzaga - Unanimous decision

Sunday, October 17, 2010

G.O.O.D. Album Covers

*Up top is apparently what would've been the cover to Kanye's newest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy after it was recently BANNED in the U.S. (thank god). Kanye expresses his thoughts and reaction in numerous tweets..
*Hit the Jump for another G.O.O.D./DOPE album cover of KiD CuDi's sophomore album Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager...Oh and dont forget to keep up with G.O.O.D. Fridays.

Just Because: Wiz Khalifa On Weed

*During his tour at Rock The Bells, Wiz sits down with MTD and talks about his ganja addiction habits and how much it costs him.
*If I had a dollar for every time this dude talks about weed I'd be..

Freestyle: Eyedea vs P.E.A.C.E.

"MC's like you is queer, you use somebody's little dick to pierce both your ears" - Eyedea
*DOPE freestyle from Eyedea as he battles LA rapper P.E.A.C.E. at Scribble Jam 1999, one of the many freestyles that rose Eyedea to fame in the Underground Hip-Hop scene.

*In honor of Michael "Eyedea" Larson R.I.P.

R.I.P. Michael “Eyedea” Larsen

*Tragic week for Hip-Hop, as one of its brightest up-and-coming underground aritsts was found dead earlier today. Michael "Eyedea" Larson was definitelty not a stranger in the freestyling scene, and is perhaps most notable for freestyling at Scribble Jam 1999.

For those whom are not very familiar, I strongly suggest you check out some of his work including with DJ Abilities as well as Aesop Rock and Sage Francis.

No known cause for his death, but Word of his death came from his mother, Kathy Averill, when she made a Facebook post earlier today after finding him dead. “It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away.”


*Eyedea & Abilities - Paradise

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Curren$y - Michael Knight

*Super DOPE track by Spitta, presumably off Pilot Talk 2, which was previewed in a trailer for PT2, but is now in its entire. 
*Curren$y - Michael Knight [Prod. Ski Beatz]

Homemade Spacecraft

Take It Back: Basic Cable

*DOPE track from one of my Fav. the sickest lyricists EVERAesop Rock, off his 2000 sophomore album Float.
*Aesop Rock - Basic Cable

Video: Mar - Single (Cover)

*SMOOTH cover of Lil Wayne's Single by the Netherlands crooner, Mar ..part of his monthly Mar Variations series.

The Flaming Lips - See The Leaves (Video)

Seriously do not reccomend you watch MOST of their videos with people around..
*DOPE song/video from The Flaming Lips, which like many of their videos, features great music and A LOT of skin, what more can you ask for? haha their album Embryonic, which is available now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Saturday Night..


Kanye West - Lost In The World

808's all over again.?
*New (UNFINISHED) song from Mr. West which is presumably off his upcoming "Hip-Hop" album, Dark Twisted Fantasy?? I'm not going to lie, this sounds like something straight out of 808's & Heartbreak, which is not completely bad but not too good at the very most. But I do see potential, his verse is actually not that bad and sounds like something more or less from his last Hip-Hop album Graduation. And although I am very open minded when it comes to music, and respect artists when they are trying to branch out and do something new, I really hope that Yezzy's newest effort is not completely covered with auto-tune/vocoder and weak instrumentals.
*Also Hit the jump for Kanye's returning cameo as Kenny West in the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show,, which is actually pretty good..

*Kanye West - Lost In The World (Feat. Bon Iver)
Kanye West once again links up with Bon Iver..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Senior Pics..

Went today to take them, popped a couple tags off some new Polo's, had some new chucks, and the photoshoot itself was DOPE. 
Now just waiting to receive them..

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Taylor..

Ray Lewis x Old Spice..

*These commercials are TOO DOPE haha.
*PROPS to Old Spice and the Ravens who play the Steelers this Sunday.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

NCAA Football 2010-2011..

*After coming off a BIG win last week, the Wildcats went head to head in a Pac-10 showdown last night against California. The Bears came in with a loss to Nevada the previous week, while Arizona undefeated from a win over the Hawkeyes

Although Arizona showed an impressive performance the previous week, this time on the other hand, they displayed a sloppy performance. Both teams were scoreless until finally the Bears scored a 25 yard field goal in the second quarter putting Cal up 3-0. Arizona received the ball but were again forced to punt it away. California then proceeded to push the ball forward enough to score yet another field goal increasing the Bears to a 6-0 lead. With about 5 minutes left in the first half, the Cats did the best they could to put a score with the remaining time that they had. An impressive drive put Arizona again close to scoring, but then an intercepted pass by Cal prevent the Cats from scoring in the first half of the game.

During half time I was thinking about the games that I had watched earlier, one in paticular. The UCLA versus Texas in which the unranked California team defeated the Top-10 ranked Longhornes and hoped that this would not be the same case in this game.

Halftime ended and the second half was now ready to begin. The whole third quarter was nothing different than the previous half. Both teams going back and forth, but Arizona finally scoring a field goal to put up their first points of the game making the score now 6-3.

Fourth quarter began and Cal held on to the ball and moved forward to put yet another feild goal to increase to a 9-3 lead over the Cats. Arizona received the ball and put up again another decent drive and again were in deep Bear territory. And as if it could not get any worse for Arizona, the field goal that was attempted by the Cats had failed. The Bears received the ball yet again and drained most of the remaining time left. Cal then lined up for another field goal to seal the game but to Arizona's luck the attempt had failed.

With one last shot, Arizona received the ball with a little under 3 minutes left to play. Nick Foles then had continuous success with Juron Criner and once again reached deep Cal territory. With about one minute left to play Nick Foles again found Criner open and finally scored the first touchdown of the game and also giving the Cats' first lead of the night. Arizona ultimately won with the score 10-9, improving to their first 4-0 start since 1998.

The Cats definitely cannot expect to hold on to their winning streak playing like this. Hopefully the learn from this and go harder their next game against the Beavers.

*Despite the Cats win, ASU did not acheive the same success losing to the Ducks this week, making the Sun Devils 2-2 now.

*PROPS to Alabama for seizing to amaze me yet again in a big win (24-20) over the Razorbacks..
-The UCLA and Texas game was DOPE as fuck too..

*The next Arizona game is on October 9th, against Oregon State.

For other NCAA Football updates visit HERE.


Friday night was Homecoming night at my High School, and despite us literaly destroying our rivals the previous week, and one of our plays gaining some nationwide recognition on ChannelOne's Play of the Week, most of us were still anxious to play the "bigger" school.

I arrived at the game running a little late as usual, only to run into a huge line to get in. As I short cutted my way to the front finally making my way passed the ticket booth and to the ticket lady, I showed her my Press Pass which gained me free entry to the game (thanks Medhi!). On my way down to the football field I managed to catch a touchdown made by our team and I took a look at the scoreboard to notice that we had a 12-0 lead. I was amazed at the big lead, and was quickly trying to find a seat so that I can enjoy the rest.

 The Badgers then ran flea flicker in the second quarter, which was completed for a deep 70 yards downfield which led the Badgers to finally scoring a touchdown of their own making the score now 12-7. This I knew was going to change the momentum of the entire game. Our team then attempted to score one last time before halftime which almost happened but was cut short. Finally the first half ended and halftime began and I decided to take a quick trip to the snack bar.

Along the way I ran into my good friend Esa and Frank sitting in the stands. We had a bit of a short conversation for I had my brother waiting on me. I reached the snack bar, only to yet again wait for another long line. When I finally got to the front I purchased two Doctor Peppers, Nachos and a pack of Red Vines, walked quickly back to my seat and proceeded to watch the game.

Third quarter began and I was awaiting for our team to begin scoring once again with some of the momentum that they gained when nearly scoring in towards the end of the 1st half. But never happened, instead the opposing team scored yet again improving their score now to 13-12 giving them the first lead of the night. At this point, I can only imagine the worse.

4th quarter now, the score remained 13-12. The game continued to heat up, both teams where pushing harder and harder for the win. Both teams needed this win. The Badgers where 0-3 and We where determined to win our Homecoming game. Our team was desperate to score but despite all our efforts, we were unable to capitalize on both ends of the ball. And just when things looked like they could not get any worse, they did. We failed to stop them from scoring yet again, the opposing team now lead 19-12. With little time left in the game, most were already predicting the end result of the game. Unfortunately we did not convert anything else and the game ended with the final score of 19-12.

After the game, the homecoming dance had started, but my brother and I decided to skip and head straight to Peter Piper Pizza where most of us were going to meet after the game. As we approached the school parking lot, a mini riot had broken out as it appeared that our school did ot want to give up the fight but I did not care in taking any part of it, instead I went around, crossed the street, then all of a sudden a flurry of police arrived and helicopters shining upon the school and people ran away.

When I finally got to the Pizza, I met up with my friend Brandon and continued to have a good time when suddenly I realized that I did not have a ride home. I tried not to worry and figured that my cousin would show up and I will be able to hitch a ride back. Luckily for me I was right, and got back home earlier than I expected. My brother and I then decided to head straight to bed and talk about these events in the morning.

I wasn't bummed at the fact that we lost our homecoming game because we did play one hell of a game (especially my N***a TREJO #44) despite our loss. But I was glad that I got to catch with some old friends that I had not seen or heared from in a while, and got to enjoy some Pizza and shared laughs afterwards. Overall I'd say it was a pretty good night but it definitely could have been better.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Lost)100th Post..

I know I look really young lol.
This is my official 100th post since I first started my blog during the summer. And so I figured that on rare occasions like these I'd share some previous events/unfinished posts that where meant to be posted, but I never got around to actually doing it..Or I forgot haha.


One of the things that I'd never shared was a Family Reunion that I recently had gone to in August at Bisbee, Arizona which I must say was quite the trip.

On the way there, I got to view some of the country side, which was really something that I had missed seeing from my previous trips to Mexico, which by the way is the same route we use to get to Bisbee

It brought back memories of a time that I used to feel never should have happened, but now I am thankful that it did, and hope to continue learning from it.  

The reunion was held at a community center near a church, I can't remember the name but I remember it being kind of small. And despite the size of the location, it actually worked out for the best. Not as many people showed up that I thought would. But there was still a good amount of people.

The first thing we did when most of us were gathered was a group photo. Afterwards we proceeded to the festivites which literaly did not end to the next morning. The potluck which was contributed by everybody was INCREDIBLE, an endless amount of food ranging from Fried Chicken to Tacos and Salad.

Although I did not dance, or do karaoke, I still enjoyed myself. I had conversated with many people of family whom I have never met in my enitre life but yet they knew much about me. I felt guilty of not knowing more than half the people in the room.

Awkward enough, me and the krew my cousins decided to take a stroll down Old Bisbee, we checked out some of the town, and got to observe some of the lifestyle that was around which was completely different from where I'm from. After awhile we got bored and headed back to the reuninon. Not much later my family had decided not to stay at a hotel and instead head back home.

The quiet road back home was good, it gave us the opportunity to take in everything we had just experienced. By the time we arrived at good old Too Strong, it was around 1:40 am and we were all eager to get home. We finally arrived, exausted, we all decided to go to bed almost immeditaly. I on the other hand stayed up a while longer to update my blog, I had started the post but just never got around to finishing it until now. 

Overall, I had a great time and is definitely something that I will always remember, and I hope to attend more reunions, or host one of my own.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NCAA Football 2010-2011..

*Big showdown last night between the Big-10 and the Pac-10Iowa going up against Arizona. Both teams were coming in undefeated. I did not go to the SOLD-OUT game myself, but I still cheered on the Wildcats from the comfort of my couch. The Cats off to a crazy start, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter moving to a quick 14-0 lead.

In the second quarter, the Hawkeyes finally scored, but Arizona answered right back with a another touchdown off a Kickoff return, making the score now 21-7. I was pumped at this point. The first half ended with Zendejas making two field goals putting up the Cats to a 27-7 lead. 

Knowing Iowa, I knew coming into the second half the game was going intensify, so I made a quick sandwich, grabbed a bag of Salsa Verde Doritos & a Brisk and was ready to continue watching.

The third quarter started off kind of slow with both times going back and forth but the Hawkeyes ultimately scoring, the score now 27-14.

 Fourth quarter begins, I expected Arizona to hold off Iowa, allowing the clock to run out. But the Hawkeyes continued to push forward. And with continuous success with Iowa's Marvin McNutt, the Hawkeyes put yet another 7 points.

Score now 27-21. And just things looked like things could not get any worse, Iowa capitalized yet on another mistake by the Cats, intercepting a pass by Nick Foles and running it back for a 20 yard TD. Luckily the Hawkeyes missed the extra point field goal leaving the score now tied at 27-27.

Anythings goes at this point, wide awake now after I was beginning to grow weary of the game. I could only expect the worse, for this game reminded me of yet another Arizona game, not the Cats, but the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, in similar colors, Arizona Red/White against the Steelers Black/Yellow.

But I was hoping that this game would have a better outcome. And sure enough, it did. The Cats finally cought a big break, scoring a big TD with passes to Bug Wright. And from this point on it continued to go Arizona's way, stopping Iowa in their tracks with 4 SACKS IN A ROW!!

Fist pumping until I tired, and updating my Facebook at the same time. I was only wating on the game to finish. The final score was 34-27 with ARIZONA For The Win! And bumping up Arizona 10 spots to No. 14 in The AP rankings and two slots to 16th in the USA Today coaches poll. Also, dropping Iowa No. 18 in both polls after being at No.9 in the AP ranks and No. 10 in the USA Today coaches poll last week.

This is Arizona’s highest rank since 1999, when the Wildcats entered the season ranked No. 4 in the nation.

*Too bad Arizona State did not have the same success, falling short 19-20 against the 11th ranked Wisconsin.

How about the Spartans with the SICKK! fake field goal TD. And Mark Ingram (Alabama), can you say BEAST.

*Next Arizona game is on Saturday against California.

For other NCAA Football updates visit HERE.