Sunday, September 26, 2010

NCAA Football 2010-2011..

*After coming off a BIG win last week, the Wildcats went head to head in a Pac-10 showdown last night against California. The Bears came in with a loss to Nevada the previous week, while Arizona undefeated from a win over the Hawkeyes

Although Arizona showed an impressive performance the previous week, this time on the other hand, they displayed a sloppy performance. Both teams were scoreless until finally the Bears scored a 25 yard field goal in the second quarter putting Cal up 3-0. Arizona received the ball but were again forced to punt it away. California then proceeded to push the ball forward enough to score yet another field goal increasing the Bears to a 6-0 lead. With about 5 minutes left in the first half, the Cats did the best they could to put a score with the remaining time that they had. An impressive drive put Arizona again close to scoring, but then an intercepted pass by Cal prevent the Cats from scoring in the first half of the game.

During half time I was thinking about the games that I had watched earlier, one in paticular. The UCLA versus Texas in which the unranked California team defeated the Top-10 ranked Longhornes and hoped that this would not be the same case in this game.

Halftime ended and the second half was now ready to begin. The whole third quarter was nothing different than the previous half. Both teams going back and forth, but Arizona finally scoring a field goal to put up their first points of the game making the score now 6-3.

Fourth quarter began and Cal held on to the ball and moved forward to put yet another feild goal to increase to a 9-3 lead over the Cats. Arizona received the ball and put up again another decent drive and again were in deep Bear territory. And as if it could not get any worse for Arizona, the field goal that was attempted by the Cats had failed. The Bears received the ball yet again and drained most of the remaining time left. Cal then lined up for another field goal to seal the game but to Arizona's luck the attempt had failed.

With one last shot, Arizona received the ball with a little under 3 minutes left to play. Nick Foles then had continuous success with Juron Criner and once again reached deep Cal territory. With about one minute left to play Nick Foles again found Criner open and finally scored the first touchdown of the game and also giving the Cats' first lead of the night. Arizona ultimately won with the score 10-9, improving to their first 4-0 start since 1998.

The Cats definitely cannot expect to hold on to their winning streak playing like this. Hopefully the learn from this and go harder their next game against the Beavers.

*Despite the Cats win, ASU did not acheive the same success losing to the Ducks this week, making the Sun Devils 2-2 now.

*PROPS to Alabama for seizing to amaze me yet again in a big win (24-20) over the Razorbacks..
-The UCLA and Texas game was DOPE as fuck too..

*The next Arizona game is on October 9th, against Oregon State.

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