Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Lost)100th Post..

I know I look really young lol.
This is my official 100th post since I first started my blog during the summer. And so I figured that on rare occasions like these I'd share some previous events/unfinished posts that where meant to be posted, but I never got around to actually doing it..Or I forgot haha.


One of the things that I'd never shared was a Family Reunion that I recently had gone to in August at Bisbee, Arizona which I must say was quite the trip.

On the way there, I got to view some of the country side, which was really something that I had missed seeing from my previous trips to Mexico, which by the way is the same route we use to get to Bisbee

It brought back memories of a time that I used to feel never should have happened, but now I am thankful that it did, and hope to continue learning from it.  

The reunion was held at a community center near a church, I can't remember the name but I remember it being kind of small. And despite the size of the location, it actually worked out for the best. Not as many people showed up that I thought would. But there was still a good amount of people.

The first thing we did when most of us were gathered was a group photo. Afterwards we proceeded to the festivites which literaly did not end to the next morning. The potluck which was contributed by everybody was INCREDIBLE, an endless amount of food ranging from Fried Chicken to Tacos and Salad.

Although I did not dance, or do karaoke, I still enjoyed myself. I had conversated with many people of family whom I have never met in my enitre life but yet they knew much about me. I felt guilty of not knowing more than half the people in the room.

Awkward enough, me and the krew my cousins decided to take a stroll down Old Bisbee, we checked out some of the town, and got to observe some of the lifestyle that was around which was completely different from where I'm from. After awhile we got bored and headed back to the reuninon. Not much later my family had decided not to stay at a hotel and instead head back home.

The quiet road back home was good, it gave us the opportunity to take in everything we had just experienced. By the time we arrived at good old Too Strong, it was around 1:40 am and we were all eager to get home. We finally arrived, exausted, we all decided to go to bed almost immeditaly. I on the other hand stayed up a while longer to update my blog, I had started the post but just never got around to finishing it until now. 

Overall, I had a great time and is definitely something that I will always remember, and I hope to attend more reunions, or host one of my own.

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