Monday, February 14, 2011

Tyler The Creator - YONKERS (Video)

*Personally, I don't like this guy at all.. But still, I can't deny his ability to rap..
*First single of Tyler The Creator's Upcoming Second album, GOBLIN (Set to be released in April)... The video by the way is well.. ODD, meaning if your a fan of these dudes, it is FUCKING AWESOME.


First Step..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Because: History

*In honor of Dilla's B-DAY, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite tracks produced by Dilla himself. The song is called History and is off Mos Def's 2009 album The Ecstatic which is seriously DOPE AF.. BLACKSTAR!!

*Hit the jump for the music video..

*Mos Def - History (Feat. Talib Kweli) [Prod. James "J Dilla" Yancey]

Nas & Damian Marley – Patience (Video)

Directed and shot by NABIL

*Extremely DOPE video from Nas & Damian Marley, off their collab album Distant Relatives which is definitely worth the listen. The video reminds me A LOT of Yeezy's POWER video/potrait, but still a great video overall from the 2 legends themselves..

R.I.P. Jay Dee

*For those whom may not have known, today marks what would have been the 37th birthday to James Dewitt Yancey better known as Jay Dee or J Dilla. One of the greatest if not the greatest Hip-Hop producer of ALL TIME.. J Dilla was part of Slum Village producing most of their work, but also had  produced for a wide range of other Hip-Hop greats such as the likes of Common, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Raekwon, and Erykah Badu. But unfortunately was not truely recognized for his work until after his death. J Dilla died on February 10, 2006 from a rare blood disease shortly after his 32nd birthday do to cardiac arrest..


*Hit the jump for a documentary on Dilla..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

G is for Greatness

*After a long fought battle, the Green Bay Packers took advantage of an early lead in the game, and managed to edge out the win in Superbowl XLV and bring the Lombardi trophy back to its rightful home. The final score of the game was 31-25..

Overall I thought this years football season was great, a lot of upsets & comebacks; definitely excited for next season.. And as for the Packers, I was not only glad to see a NFC team take the Superbowl back to back. But an underdog/wildcard team at that.

But I believe with all the hard work they put in, especially coming in as a wildcard, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles, top-ranked Atlanta Falcons and their rivals the Chicago Bears, and overcoming the Steelers.. the win was well earned.

IRONLAK | Much, Ewok, Nmph, Hope4, Pose, Aqua - Milwaukee, USA.

*Ironlak presents: Much, Ewok, Nmph, Hope4, Pose, Aqua painting in Milwaukee, USA.

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Superbowl XLV: Packers (Green Bay) vs. Steelers (Pittsburgh)

*This years' Superbowl XLV hosts the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the battle of the yellow pants!! Will the Lombardi trophy come back home to Green Bay, or will the Steelers add a 7th superbowl ring to their collection.