Sunday, September 26, 2010


Friday night was Homecoming night at my High School, and despite us literaly destroying our rivals the previous week, and one of our plays gaining some nationwide recognition on ChannelOne's Play of the Week, most of us were still anxious to play the "bigger" school.

I arrived at the game running a little late as usual, only to run into a huge line to get in. As I short cutted my way to the front finally making my way passed the ticket booth and to the ticket lady, I showed her my Press Pass which gained me free entry to the game (thanks Medhi!). On my way down to the football field I managed to catch a touchdown made by our team and I took a look at the scoreboard to notice that we had a 12-0 lead. I was amazed at the big lead, and was quickly trying to find a seat so that I can enjoy the rest.

 The Badgers then ran flea flicker in the second quarter, which was completed for a deep 70 yards downfield which led the Badgers to finally scoring a touchdown of their own making the score now 12-7. This I knew was going to change the momentum of the entire game. Our team then attempted to score one last time before halftime which almost happened but was cut short. Finally the first half ended and halftime began and I decided to take a quick trip to the snack bar.

Along the way I ran into my good friend Esa and Frank sitting in the stands. We had a bit of a short conversation for I had my brother waiting on me. I reached the snack bar, only to yet again wait for another long line. When I finally got to the front I purchased two Doctor Peppers, Nachos and a pack of Red Vines, walked quickly back to my seat and proceeded to watch the game.

Third quarter began and I was awaiting for our team to begin scoring once again with some of the momentum that they gained when nearly scoring in towards the end of the 1st half. But never happened, instead the opposing team scored yet again improving their score now to 13-12 giving them the first lead of the night. At this point, I can only imagine the worse.

4th quarter now, the score remained 13-12. The game continued to heat up, both teams where pushing harder and harder for the win. Both teams needed this win. The Badgers where 0-3 and We where determined to win our Homecoming game. Our team was desperate to score but despite all our efforts, we were unable to capitalize on both ends of the ball. And just when things looked like they could not get any worse, they did. We failed to stop them from scoring yet again, the opposing team now lead 19-12. With little time left in the game, most were already predicting the end result of the game. Unfortunately we did not convert anything else and the game ended with the final score of 19-12.

After the game, the homecoming dance had started, but my brother and I decided to skip and head straight to Peter Piper Pizza where most of us were going to meet after the game. As we approached the school parking lot, a mini riot had broken out as it appeared that our school did ot want to give up the fight but I did not care in taking any part of it, instead I went around, crossed the street, then all of a sudden a flurry of police arrived and helicopters shining upon the school and people ran away.

When I finally got to the Pizza, I met up with my friend Brandon and continued to have a good time when suddenly I realized that I did not have a ride home. I tried not to worry and figured that my cousin would show up and I will be able to hitch a ride back. Luckily for me I was right, and got back home earlier than I expected. My brother and I then decided to head straight to bed and talk about these events in the morning.

I wasn't bummed at the fact that we lost our homecoming game because we did play one hell of a game (especially my N***a TREJO #44) despite our loss. But I was glad that I got to catch with some old friends that I had not seen or heared from in a while, and got to enjoy some Pizza and shared laughs afterwards. Overall I'd say it was a pretty good night but it definitely could have been better.

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