Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Because + Take It Back: Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit

-All this talk about Wu has me hyped up right now lol...Anyways these are two of my favorite classic Wu records that were both sampled by the songs below. ENJOY.!!

*Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit [Prod. RZA]

*Method Man - Bring The Pain [Prod. RZA]

RZA = Top 3 Producers EVER.!!

Video: Lil Wayne - I'm Not A Human Being (Preview)

-A sneak preview of Lil Wayne's new Same-Titled track off his forthcoming EP, I'm Not A Human Being.

-Pretty DOPE, still sounds like something off his previous effort Rebirth..But I digg the rock vibe on this though.

*Lil Wayne - Right Above It (Feat. Drake) [Prod. Kane Beatz]
New Wayne track which is quickly rising on the charts and is also slated to be on the EP.

Kanye West x Justin Bieber x Raekwon x MORE.!

-WOW,, talk about a random collaboration.. What's next, 50 Cent, Hannah Montana & Lil Wayne.? Nah but I've gotta respect this collab featuring two of my favorite artists (KANYE WEST x RAEKWON!!).. With Rae' on the track it's only fair that Yeezy samples a Wu Record right.??
-It was rumored that these were bound to collab. Just didn't think it was actually gonna go down lol.

*Justin Bieber - Runaway Love |Remix| (Feat. Kanye West & Raekwon) [Prod. Kanye West]
Posting this is just killing me in the inside just a little.

Also, new song from the former Flipmode MC, featuring Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz also sampling a very familiar Wu' classic.

*Reek Da Villian - Mechanics (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Swizz Beatz) [Prod. Swizz Beatz]

What is it with this trend of sampling Wu' records.?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artist(s) of the Week: Fresh Daily

-I was really impressed by the Super Friends track back in 08'; and since then I've kept my eye on most of those artists including this particular one Fresh Daily.. Over the years he has been very consistant and never ceases to amaze me. With great production and a super chill flow that blend together into pure dopeness. His newest (FREE) album Mothership/L A N D is one of my favorite releases of this year.
*Here's a couple of tracks of his new album.
*Hit the jump for bonus music + the tracklist & MORE..

*Fresh Daily - THANX [Prod. DEVONWHO]

*Fresh Daily - The Stuy (On My Mind) [Prod. The Stuyvesants]

Just Because: The Prodigy

-Although BJ Penn has fallen.. He is still one of the best and one of my favorite fighters of All Time in any sport.
*Some highlights of The Hilo Kid with his signature entrance theme song.

Gonna End the night with some Entourage..

Freestyle: Jay-Z & DMX Backstage

-Very DOPE classic Freestyle from both DMX and Jay-Z during their prime.
*PROPS to the little kid in the beginning lol.

UFC 118: BJ Penn Vs. Frankie Edgar 2 [RESULTS]

*WOW,, as you can see I cought the fight on my computer via online stream.. I Know I'm CHEAP lol. Well Frankie Edgar (White Trunks) proved himself yet again but re-defeating the future Hall of Famer BJ Penn (Black Trunks) with a great display of athleticism, showing no signs of ever slowing down throughout the fight. While Penn on the other hand, might have just showed us how he is just not the same GREAT explosive fighter that he once was. All in all I'd say it was a good fight, I have new respect for Frankie Edgar, but still I expected more diversity from BJ Penn, at least more kicks and take downs, but again just like most of his recent fights, he relied heavily on his hands, which I think Penn is still one of the best if not the best boxer in the UFC, but that might have been what had costed him the fight.
Lightweight Championship bout: Frankie Edgar [WIN] vs BJ Penn (via Decision)
Heavyweight bout: Randy Couture [WIN] vs James Toney (via Submission)
Middleweight bout: Demian Maia [WIN] vs Mario Miranda (via Decision)
Lightweight bout: Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard [WIN] (via Decision)
Welterweight bout: Nate Diaz [WIN] vs Marcus Davis (via Submission)

Jackass 3D


Saturday, August 28, 2010

UFC 118: BJ Penn Vs. Frankie Edgar 2

Former UFC Welterweight and Lightweight Champion, B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn is avenging his loss to Frankie “The Answer” Edgar for the Lightweight title. Also Randy Couture vs James Toney (Heavyweight), Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard (Lightweight) and Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis (Welterweight).
*It's ON.!!

Video: Now On - All You Ever Knew

*Directed by Cedric Berthier.
-Very dope video from the Super Group Now On (Mayer Hawthorne, IX Lives and Jackson Perry), off their 2008 release Tomorrow Already.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ambassador of Death

-I always theorized that the world would end by war. DOPE name by the way. Should this be something to be concerned about?,, maybe.. =0

Freestyle Friday: Charles Hamilton – XXL Freestyle

-Super DOPE Freestyle by the former XXL Freshman Charles Hamilton in which he goes IN for about 27 minutes.

Take It Back Tuesday: Lessons of Today

-Do to school/sports now, there will be some minor changes.. For example Take It Back Tuesday's will now simply be Take It Back, This all to balance out school | sports | life for I do not have as free much time as I used to for blog posting..But I still will do my best to keep this blog updated as much as possible. 
-This week's Take It Back is back-to-school inspired and comes from one of the DOPEST & one of my Fav. Female MC's Rah Digga aka Maggie from 13 Ghosts, with an assist from one of my Fav. Greatest producers of All-Time,, DJ Premier...Off her 1999 debut Dirty Harriet.
* Rah Digga - Lessons of Today [Prod. DJ Premier]

CAIRNS 2010 | IRONLAK FAMILY featuring Phibs and Shem.

-Once again some very dope graffiti from the Ironlak crew featuring Phibs and Shem of Melbourne, Australia. This time they visit Cairns, North Queensland (Australia) to paint at the Taste-y Graff Jam.

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Senior DAZE..

*So school officially started for me this week and as far as classes go, I actually enjoy them. Although my school had some changes over the summer its pretty much all the same..wack.. Before school started I just had to ask myself "I'm about ready to start my final year of High School, and move on to bigger and better things" (?). And by the end of the first day of school, I immediately came up with the answer, YES...But I still cannot believe how my life is flew by. One day I'm in Kindergarden, the next thing you know I got to start looking for a job, and by tomorrow I'm gonna be taking my own kids to school lol (scary).. Most of the time when I think about that, I get mixed feelings. Most of the time I ignore it and move on, but there's times when it hits me. With summers not feeling much longer than school weekends, and just how time really flys by. But still, I really did enjoyed what I had. Overall I've had a pretty decent Life up to this point I guess...But idk, I guess I took in what one of my coaches said to me over the summer too seriously. "Enjoy this summer as much as you can because after High School, that's when life starts.."Summer" isn't "Summer" anymore, its just another day."

*SCHEDULE 2010-2011 (for now?..)* 

02. Journalism ADV Newspaper
03. Pre-Calculus
04. American Government
05. English 12
06. Spanish Native

-I currently have 5 classes at the moment with no first period, but I am considering on maybe taking one. Maybe Media?..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Biggie Smalls

-DOPE freestyle from the Brooklyn Legend when he was about My Age.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Artist(s) of the Week: Gnarls Barkley

-The "Super-Group" consists of Cee-Lo Green of Goodie Mob and again Super-Producer Brain Burton aka Danger Mouse (one of my Fav. producers EVER)...One of Danger Mouse's best collaborations similar to Broken Bells,, Cee-Lo's soulful vocals with incredble Danger Mouse production create a very unique and enjoyable sound. When I first discovered them back in middle school, that was when I really opened up my ears and started listening to more varieties of music. I really enjoyed both of their REALLY DOPE albums and can't wait to see another album in the works.
*Hit the jump for more music from both thier albums PLUS MORE.

* Gnarls Barkley - Crazy [Off debut St. Elsewhere]

*Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now [Off The Odd Couple]

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Because: Uptown

-In honor of one of my Fav. songs off Bun B's latest 5 Mic album, I thought I'd post one of the first collabs between these two artists, also one of my Fav. tracks..which is off of Drake's critically acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone...I Swear everytime these two collab, the outcome is fucking dope!..Can't wait to hear more from both of these VERY DOPE artists.
* Drake - Uptown (Feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne)

VideoPortrait: Kanye West - POWER

-When I first caught this on after Jersey Shore last night on MTV, I did not know what say afterwards other than "what the Fuck did I just watch.?"...although I was impressed by the imagery, I still did not know what the meaning of it all, but I knew it all obviously had something to do with Power....In case you want the full detailed breakdown of the video, you can visit here...The video portrait was Directed by Marco Brambilla (Demolition Man...awesome)...Off Kanye West's 5th studio LP Good Ass Job Dark Twisted Fantasy.?
*Kanye West - POWER (Feat. Dwele)

And the next 5 MICS goes to....

-So its been about 5 years since the last time the prestigious 5 Mic review was given by The Source, the last one being given to Lil Kim's The Naked Truth (making her the first Female' MC to recieve the award)...As you can see by the nominees above, the competition looked pretty solid, but The Source has finally crowned it's next 5 Mic album, and that is Bun B's latest solo album, Trill O.G.. | To tell you the truth I'm not mad at all by their decision, I bought Bun's Last two albums and loved them..And I Recently took a Listen to his Latest effort, Trill O.G., and by far was the best of his solo career and is somewhat worthy of being in the ranks such as Illimatic & The Blueprint..I mean if anything I feel that this guy deserves to have a 5 Mic rating just as much as anybody else. Years of killing it, showes that it was bound to happen, Congradualtions. But still I feel that they still did not give The Roots' How I Got Over & Eminem's Recovery the proper credit that they deserve (5 Mics!!!)....In case you are confused about the 5 Mic rating system READ HERE.
*Here's a few REALLY DOPE cuts from Bun's latest 5 Mic album, Trill O.G.

* Bun B - Let Em Know [Prod. DJ Premier]

* Bun B - Put It Down (Feat. Drake) [Prod. Matthew "Boi-1da" Samuels]

Freestyle Friday: Big L on 88 Hip-Hop

-Wait, Am I actually on time for this? YES! for the first time in the history of this blog lol...From one of the best to ever do it, but unfortunately was cut short from reaching his full potential.
*R.I.P. Big L. (1974-1999)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take It Back Tuesday: Gas Drawls

-This week's Take It Back is from one of my Fav. the Greatest MC's of all-time, The Original Villan of Hip-Hop, the U.K. born MC, MF his 1999 debut, Operation: Doomsday.
*MF DOOM - Gas Drawls

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's Else Do I Need.?

-So school's just right around the corner now..I took a couple trips to the mall this summer, along with other stores around town & online shopping, and so far I picked up some jeans, cargos, chucks, polos, t-shirts..and right now im thinking, "what else do I need?" well I think know that I need a new belt, new hats, maybe more polos?, some new J's wouldn't hurt, all while i'm trying to prepare for my last year of high school..idk I think I might be good FOR NOW..maybe i'm exaggerating.

Just Because: Street Soccer

-So I just recently discovered Rémi Gaillard on youtube, and this guy is HILARIOUS...This video in particular is him showing off some of his soccer skills in the streets and does some pretty cool funny yet crazy goals...EPIC.
*PROPS to Rémi Gaillard.

Artist(s) of the Week: Ratatat

-I've been following these dudes for a little while now but I didn't start to take them seriously until I heard the cuts they produced for KiD CuDi's Album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, which were incredible. Although there tracks do not have vocals the music speaks for itself, there recent album, LP4, dropped in June this summer. Even though a lot of their beats sound pretty similar but their still very DOPE producers.
*Hit the jump for some pretty fresh cuts off their newest album plus the tracklist & MORE.
Ratatat - Germany to Germany [Off their self-titled debut]
Ratatat - Mirando [Off their album LP3]

Hannibal King – Kill Superman ep.1 (Video)

-A sneak preview from Hannibal King's newest beat tape - Villains Gone Bad II: Kill Superman, a follow-up to his previous beat tape, Villans Gone Bad...The full video is set to be released soon as well as the new beat tape on August 21.
*Really DOPE Producer*

Jersey Shore: Season 2

-So the other day I cought the season premier of Jersey Shore 2 on MTV, & thought it was pretty funny, LAST season had some pretty classic stuff lol...Can't wait to see what happens not really.
*Poor Snookie*