Sunday, May 8, 2011

Take It Back: The Riddler

*An old gem by from Meth, produced by the Wu-Tang front man the RZA. Recorded in 1995 for the Batman Forever Soundtrack (yeah me neither).


*Method Man - The Riddler

Happy Mothers Day.. :)

We Got HIM!!

*First thing that came to mind when I heard the news!!! hahaha
*After nearly two decades of terror, Osama Bin Ladin was finally brought to an end earlier this week. It was an raid authorized by President Obama on the suspected household of Osama near Abbottabad, Pakistan. The raid was a Joint operation that included U.S. Navy SEALS and the CIA. Bin Ladin was fatally shot in both the head and chest. Soon after the successful mission, President Obama officially announced the death of Bin Ladin and a "worldwide caution" for Americans has been announced. People all over the world celebrated this historic event on the on-going fight against terror.

Although this is the end of Bin Ladin himself, his legacy lives on and the war on terror shall continue as well as our foreign policy nor our fear of national security. But for the mean time we can all enjoy this moment and view it as perhaps minor progress against the war on terror.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

R.I.P. B.I.G.

*March 9, 1997 - Marks the very tragic day in which Christopher George Latore Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.; arguably the greatest MC of All-Time; was gunned down in Los Angeles by an unknown assailant, during the promotion of his album (Life After Death). Now 14 years later, we honor his passing from earth through the music in which he still lives in.. I believe Biggie Smalls will forever be recognized as one if not the greatest lyricist EVER, and his impact in Hip-Hop set new heights, in which no one in my opinion has been able to reach since.


Atmosphere – Just For Show (Video)

*Directed by Dave Wilson

*First single off Atmosphere’s upcoming album, The Family Sign. The album will be avaliable April 12th, but you can pre-order as of now. && For those wanting the .mp3 can hit up iTunes now.

IRONLAK SHOP OF HORRORS - Brisbane, Australia.

*In January 2011 as Brisbane was being smashed with heavy downpours, members of The Ironlak Family got together and created the IRONLAK SHOP OF HORRORS at Red Bull HQ in Brisso. Just a couple of days after this wall was complete, Brisbane experienced disastrous floodwaters.

*Hit the jump for a BONUS video..

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tyler The Creator - YONKERS (Video)

*Personally, I don't like this guy at all.. But still, I can't deny his ability to rap..
*First single of Tyler The Creator's Upcoming Second album, GOBLIN (Set to be released in April)... The video by the way is well.. ODD, meaning if your a fan of these dudes, it is FUCKING AWESOME.


First Step..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Because: History

*In honor of Dilla's B-DAY, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite tracks produced by Dilla himself. The song is called History and is off Mos Def's 2009 album The Ecstatic which is seriously DOPE AF.. BLACKSTAR!!

*Hit the jump for the music video..

*Mos Def - History (Feat. Talib Kweli) [Prod. James "J Dilla" Yancey]

Nas & Damian Marley – Patience (Video)

Directed and shot by NABIL

*Extremely DOPE video from Nas & Damian Marley, off their collab album Distant Relatives which is definitely worth the listen. The video reminds me A LOT of Yeezy's POWER video/potrait, but still a great video overall from the 2 legends themselves..

R.I.P. Jay Dee

*For those whom may not have known, today marks what would have been the 37th birthday to James Dewitt Yancey better known as Jay Dee or J Dilla. One of the greatest if not the greatest Hip-Hop producer of ALL TIME.. J Dilla was part of Slum Village producing most of their work, but also had  produced for a wide range of other Hip-Hop greats such as the likes of Common, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Raekwon, and Erykah Badu. But unfortunately was not truely recognized for his work until after his death. J Dilla died on February 10, 2006 from a rare blood disease shortly after his 32nd birthday do to cardiac arrest..


*Hit the jump for a documentary on Dilla..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

G is for Greatness

*After a long fought battle, the Green Bay Packers took advantage of an early lead in the game, and managed to edge out the win in Superbowl XLV and bring the Lombardi trophy back to its rightful home. The final score of the game was 31-25..

Overall I thought this years football season was great, a lot of upsets & comebacks; definitely excited for next season.. And as for the Packers, I was not only glad to see a NFC team take the Superbowl back to back. But an underdog/wildcard team at that.

But I believe with all the hard work they put in, especially coming in as a wildcard, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles, top-ranked Atlanta Falcons and their rivals the Chicago Bears, and overcoming the Steelers.. the win was well earned.

IRONLAK | Much, Ewok, Nmph, Hope4, Pose, Aqua - Milwaukee, USA.

*Ironlak presents: Much, Ewok, Nmph, Hope4, Pose, Aqua painting in Milwaukee, USA.

*PROPS to Ironlak.

Superbowl XLV: Packers (Green Bay) vs. Steelers (Pittsburgh)

*This years' Superbowl XLV hosts the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the battle of the yellow pants!! Will the Lombardi trophy come back home to Green Bay, or will the Steelers add a 7th superbowl ring to their collection.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Need A Doctor

*The first official single of Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album, which is stated to finally see the light of day in 2011 (or so he says). Featuring none other than his protégé Eminem & a new artist by the name of Skylar Grey. The song was produced by Alex Da Kid, the man behind a couple of last years bangers such as B.o.B. - Airplanes, Eminem - Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna), and T.I. - Castle Walls (Feat. Christina Aguilera) one of my favorite tracks off his latest album No Mercy... Its great to see that Detox actually exists and is finally getting some shine, hopefully this continues and we finally get this mythical album within our grasp.

*Hit the jump for the artwork; & also the video for Kush, which is the street single for Detox.

*Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor (Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey) [Prod. Alex Da Kid]

Leo Like A Cholo

Rated R (for RETARDED!)
*Another fan art for another acting scene that we did in Journalism. This time starring myself as a Retarded Cholo! Definitely not as good as my buddy Enrique's scene lol...This was my second take, the original was a heck of A LOT better than this with a better story ... A future project is in the works! so I'll keep you guys updated on that haha. For more just visit my friend Nathan's video channel on youtube which you can access here.. Now that you've seen some of the videos,, Which movie would you watch??

*PROPS to Nathan


Rated PG-13
*Some more fan art that I decided to make for my buddy Nathan... Inspired by the hilarious acting scenes we were doing during our spare time in Journalism (the reason why our paper never meets deadline haha).

*PROPS to Nathan

Wednesday REDUX

*Just a home made short film created by good friend Nathan Davenport.. That I thought was GREAT so I decided to put it up on my blog. Below is some fan art for the video that I created myself.

*PROPS to Nathan

JJ Beat

*So apparently, this gem that Premo had crafted was specifically made for Yeezy (and possibly My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). But was unfortunantely turned down by Mr. West . The beat also known as the JJ (Jermaine Jackson) Beat was also turned down by southern rapper Bun B... Now this is definitely the type of music that I expected to see on Kanye's album, and I think it is a shame that it has been overlooked. But I can definitely see some other artists rocking over this such as: Nas, Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, who doesn't sound good with Premo on the boards haha!

Who do ya'll think would fit this joint perfectely??

*DJ Premier - JJ Beat

*&& Speaking of MBDTF... here goes a song that was also cut from the album. GOOD grief..
*Kanye West - Eyes Closed

The History of Hip-Hop in a Beat Box!

*Here comes an incredibly DOPE beat box from Eklips hailing from Paris, France. As he takes us on a journey through the History of Hip-Hop with his incredible beatboxing skills!... Does everything from Suger Hill Gang to Kanye West & Dr. Dre!

*PROPS to Eklips 

Old Love, New Love

^Emblems that I created for Black Ops!^
*I swear if I posted as much as I played video games (specifically Call of Duty) then I would have like a thousand posts haha... Just kidding, nowadays I wish I had more time for both. What about Life!?!? lol.

Hellooo 2011!

*OLD PIC/New Post lol..
*Hello world, Happy LATE New Year! ... 30 days isn't too bad haha. Well I would like to let all of you know that I am very much alive, and complications with my personal life has yet again halted me blogging. But rest assured that I will begin to post more continuously once I can get things settled, which I am hoping is REAL SOON. So far the time being, I'm just going to continue to posting as much as I can and again I am sorry letting down those who actually do read my blog and thank you..