Sunday, September 19, 2010

NCAA Football 2010-2011..

*Big showdown last night between the Big-10 and the Pac-10Iowa going up against Arizona. Both teams were coming in undefeated. I did not go to the SOLD-OUT game myself, but I still cheered on the Wildcats from the comfort of my couch. The Cats off to a crazy start, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter moving to a quick 14-0 lead.

In the second quarter, the Hawkeyes finally scored, but Arizona answered right back with a another touchdown off a Kickoff return, making the score now 21-7. I was pumped at this point. The first half ended with Zendejas making two field goals putting up the Cats to a 27-7 lead. 

Knowing Iowa, I knew coming into the second half the game was going intensify, so I made a quick sandwich, grabbed a bag of Salsa Verde Doritos & a Brisk and was ready to continue watching.

The third quarter started off kind of slow with both times going back and forth but the Hawkeyes ultimately scoring, the score now 27-14.

 Fourth quarter begins, I expected Arizona to hold off Iowa, allowing the clock to run out. But the Hawkeyes continued to push forward. And with continuous success with Iowa's Marvin McNutt, the Hawkeyes put yet another 7 points.

Score now 27-21. And just things looked like things could not get any worse, Iowa capitalized yet on another mistake by the Cats, intercepting a pass by Nick Foles and running it back for a 20 yard TD. Luckily the Hawkeyes missed the extra point field goal leaving the score now tied at 27-27.

Anythings goes at this point, wide awake now after I was beginning to grow weary of the game. I could only expect the worse, for this game reminded me of yet another Arizona game, not the Cats, but the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, in similar colors, Arizona Red/White against the Steelers Black/Yellow.

But I was hoping that this game would have a better outcome. And sure enough, it did. The Cats finally cought a big break, scoring a big TD with passes to Bug Wright. And from this point on it continued to go Arizona's way, stopping Iowa in their tracks with 4 SACKS IN A ROW!!

Fist pumping until I tired, and updating my Facebook at the same time. I was only wating on the game to finish. The final score was 34-27 with ARIZONA For The Win! And bumping up Arizona 10 spots to No. 14 in The AP rankings and two slots to 16th in the USA Today coaches poll. Also, dropping Iowa No. 18 in both polls after being at No.9 in the AP ranks and No. 10 in the USA Today coaches poll last week.

This is Arizona’s highest rank since 1999, when the Wildcats entered the season ranked No. 4 in the nation.

*Too bad Arizona State did not have the same success, falling short 19-20 against the 11th ranked Wisconsin.

How about the Spartans with the SICKK! fake field goal TD. And Mark Ingram (Alabama), can you say BEAST.

*Next Arizona game is on Saturday against California.

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