Sunday, September 5, 2010

NCAA Football 2010-2011..

*NCAA Football started this week, and already some big season openers have gone down, including the impressive Arizona win over Toledo. Though it was clear who the obvious winner would be, the way Arizona played had many people stunned. Arizona has good offensive power, and are usually known for their great defense. But this years' defense on the other hand was thought of as the teams' weak-spot, having only 4 returning starters and 7 newcomers, which throughout the training camp was struggling during Offensive drills. But on Friday, this was not the case. The Wildcats' defense was a MAJOR deference, stopping nearly everything Toledo had to offer (Offensively). The game would've been a shutout, but U of A guard Conan Amituanai was called for holding in the end zone during the second quarter. Resulting in a safety, giving Toledo their only points in the game.
This is definitely was Arizona needed after their embarrasing 'shutout' loss to the Cornhuskers during last year's Holiday Bowl.

Next U of A Football game is at home Saturday, 9/11, against The Citadel of South Carolina.

*PROPS to Arizona State who also opened up a can of whoop-ass on Portland State, in a 54-9 WIN. And Northern Arizona on shutting out Western New Mexico 48-0.
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