Sunday, August 22, 2010

Senior DAZE..

*So school officially started for me this week and as far as classes go, I actually enjoy them. Although my school had some changes over the summer its pretty much all the same..wack.. Before school started I just had to ask myself "I'm about ready to start my final year of High School, and move on to bigger and better things" (?). And by the end of the first day of school, I immediately came up with the answer, YES...But I still cannot believe how my life is flew by. One day I'm in Kindergarden, the next thing you know I got to start looking for a job, and by tomorrow I'm gonna be taking my own kids to school lol (scary).. Most of the time when I think about that, I get mixed feelings. Most of the time I ignore it and move on, but there's times when it hits me. With summers not feeling much longer than school weekends, and just how time really flys by. But still, I really did enjoyed what I had. Overall I've had a pretty decent Life up to this point I guess...But idk, I guess I took in what one of my coaches said to me over the summer too seriously. "Enjoy this summer as much as you can because after High School, that's when life starts.."Summer" isn't "Summer" anymore, its just another day."

*SCHEDULE 2010-2011 (for now?..)* 

02. Journalism ADV Newspaper
03. Pre-Calculus
04. American Government
05. English 12
06. Spanish Native

-I currently have 5 classes at the moment with no first period, but I am considering on maybe taking one. Maybe Media?..

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