Friday, August 6, 2010

And the next 5 MICS goes to....

-So its been about 5 years since the last time the prestigious 5 Mic review was given by The Source, the last one being given to Lil Kim's The Naked Truth (making her the first Female' MC to recieve the award)...As you can see by the nominees above, the competition looked pretty solid, but The Source has finally crowned it's next 5 Mic album, and that is Bun B's latest solo album, Trill O.G.. | To tell you the truth I'm not mad at all by their decision, I bought Bun's Last two albums and loved them..And I Recently took a Listen to his Latest effort, Trill O.G., and by far was the best of his solo career and is somewhat worthy of being in the ranks such as Illimatic & The Blueprint..I mean if anything I feel that this guy deserves to have a 5 Mic rating just as much as anybody else. Years of killing it, showes that it was bound to happen, Congradualtions. But still I feel that they still did not give The Roots' How I Got Over & Eminem's Recovery the proper credit that they deserve (5 Mics!!!)....In case you are confused about the 5 Mic rating system READ HERE.
*Here's a few REALLY DOPE cuts from Bun's latest 5 Mic album, Trill O.G.

* Bun B - Let Em Know [Prod. DJ Premier]

* Bun B - Put It Down (Feat. Drake) [Prod. Matthew "Boi-1da" Samuels]

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