Sunday, January 30, 2011

JJ Beat

*So apparently, this gem that Premo had crafted was specifically made for Yeezy (and possibly My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). But was unfortunantely turned down by Mr. West . The beat also known as the JJ (Jermaine Jackson) Beat was also turned down by southern rapper Bun B... Now this is definitely the type of music that I expected to see on Kanye's album, and I think it is a shame that it has been overlooked. But I can definitely see some other artists rocking over this such as: Nas, Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, who doesn't sound good with Premo on the boards haha!

Who do ya'll think would fit this joint perfectely??

*DJ Premier - JJ Beat

*&& Speaking of MBDTF... here goes a song that was also cut from the album. GOOD grief..
*Kanye West - Eyes Closed

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