Saturday, July 31, 2010

Talk About Some Heavy Rain.!

*The Aftermath, just one side of the scene, you should see the other side lol.*
-So what started out as a GREAT day..Great traditional Mexican breakfast, Mall Shopping, eating hot-pockets at my aunts house, BEASTING on Call Of Duty...then with a little rain coming in, which rarely happens in my part of Arizona, I felt great so I took a well needed nap..ONLY too wake up to what turned out to be not so little rain and near natural disaster,,Nearly drowning our dog, literaly DESTORYING my dad's driveway lol, knocking down fences and brickswalls, messing-up cars, taking garbage cans, and a balls load of pot holes in our road....As if our street didn't look ghetto enough already, now it looks like a damn third-world country.!!
*I guess this is what we get for bitching about some rain so much lol...kind of reminds me of that Ice Cube video (aka my fav. song of all time), where its all good for the whole day, then bullshit hits the night...but, I guess I'm happy that nobody I know got hurt..GRACIAS A DIOS.

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